Eye Protection While Spray Tanning

Eye protection is a matter of great importance and it takes on an even larger role when opting for sunless tan methods that use chemicals for the process. Needless to say, ignoring eye protection during a spray tanning session can lead to extremely dire results that may even result in loss of sight. Remember, that most sunless tanning processes use chemicals to burn the upper layer of dead cells of our skin. These chemicals are indeed quite strong since they are required to burn the top layer of the skin enough for it to turn into a brown shade. Imagine if these chemicals hit your eye balls instead. The damage will no doubt be intense. Also remember not closing your eyes will leave the eye lids out the tan and result in an awkward look.

It is no wonder then that most salons using these chemicals repeatedly ask their clients to keep their eyes shut hard right through the entire process. It is very important that these chemicals do not get into the eyes at all. Salons also offer special gear that can be worn during the process so as to ensure that the eyes do not get exposed to the chemicals at all. Since many a times the tanning process can take up to half an hour these aids to help a lot.

Regular eyewear protection may not suit the purpose too well. Regular glasses are intended to prevent dust going into the eyes directly from the front; however the sides are left open completely. During a spray session chemicals could enter from the side open areas and therefore it is important that special eye gear be worn during the tanning process. Ask the tanning salon if they have such gear available and clean them before putting them on so as to avoid other infections like conjunctivitis etc.

Eye protection safety is very important and therefore, if by chance your eyes do get exposed to the chemicals during a spray tanning procedure, immediately seek medical advice. Sometimes, you may experience some irritation during or after the tanning procedure and therefore it will help to keep your hands out of your eyes even after the procedure is over. Choosing a salon that does not provide authorized eye gear to protect your eyes during a tanning session is a definite mistake.

As it is clear from the above discussion, protective eye wear is indeed compulsory when opting for sunless tanning. Be it the usage of ultra violet rays or chemicals, your eyes must be fully protected with glasses that have been specially designed for the purpose. Going for a sunless tanning procedure without the necessary tanning eye protection required will be pretty much like jumping off a plane with a parachute. Please remember that we have only two eyes and should not ignore their safety under any condition. Also do not self medicate yourself in case your eyes do get exposed to the chemicals of spray tanning, but instead rush to the nearest doctor. Immediate attention could save your eyes from extensive damage.